Shipping turnarounds vary from product to product and brand to brand depending on availability. Each manufacturer / supplier has different handling timeframes depending on the size and the logistical effort encompassed in shipping their products. For example, larger items tend to take longer to ship than smaller items as they require careful handling when preparing shipments. We highly recommend that you carefully read our shipping estimates - there's a reason why we post them. With that said, our goal is to get the products we sell to our customers as soon as possible while adhering to high quality packaging and shipping guidelines.
Home Organization utilizes a variety of shipping methods, from FedEx and UPS to LTL and freight for larger shipments. Smaller items tend to ship via parcel services while larger items tend to ship either via LTL or freight.
Home Organization LLC is an authorized reseller of all the products that it carries. We do not and will not sell products that we are not authorized to sell. We are a legitimate online storefront that has received special permissions from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers to sell their products online. We mostly ship manufacturer direct. That means that we take your order and process it directly with the manufacturer. The manufacturer fulfills the orders on our behalf. The transaction is conducted with us and we provide you, the customer, with ample customer service, tracking information and so forth.
If you are not 100% sure about what you are buying we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you contact us with any product questions or concerns - that's why we are here - to answer all questions that you may have about any product, how we conduct business, how we ship and so forth.
We have carefully hand-picked products that we feel will work best within the eCrater community. Our goal is for you, the customer, to receive your products as quickly as possible while adhering to top of the line handling and shipping. We strive to provide our customers with the best products, for the best prices that we can and enable top notch customer service products. We continually look for additional products to add to our eCrater storefront and will do so from time to time.
Home Organization has been in business since the beginning of 2013. We have been in this industry for over 10 years and have been reselling online through a variety of storefronts for over 5 years. Home Organization is proud to be a New Jersey company.
Home Organization has taken years to build relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in the storage and organization industry. We are authorized resellers of all the products we carry, and since we ship directly from the manufacturer all of our products are 100% authentic.
Because we carry such a diverse range of products the origin of our products vary. Some products are 100% manufactured in the United States while others are manufactured in countries such as China, Mexico, Canada and so forth.
The first thing you do is contact us. If a damaged item is received and/or is missing parts in most cases we will have the missing parts shipped to you. If we cannot offer replacement parts we will either send you a new product and arrange for the original defective product to be returned or discarded of. If a product you ordered is damaged we require that you take photographs and email us proof of damage so we can either offer you a replacement or full refund in exchange for the damaged unit. Please do not return items to us without contacting us, or without acquiring an RMA (returned merchandise authorization) number. We will clearly instruct you on what to do with a damaged unit / order.
In most instances we will take the product back but you, the customer will incur an up to 20% restocking fee for unopened packages. For opened packages we may charge a restocking fee of up to 50%. These fees are typical in the industry. You will also have to ship the product back at your own expense. We allow buyer's remorse products to be returned within 14 days of receiving the product. The reason we have to charge a restocking fee is because we have to unpack and repack the item that you shipped back to us - we can no longer sell it as a new product. Some of these returned items may incur damage during return shipments. The reason the customer has to pay for shipping back the returned product is because shipping an item costs us money and we cannot pay for shipping a returned item just because a customer regrets the purchase. We highly recommend that customers be as close as possible to 100% sure when purchasing a product from us. Please do not return items to us without contacting us, or without acquiring an RMA (returned merchandise authorization) number.
LTL - Less Than Truckload or as otherwise known as freight carrier shipments and deliveries require several things from customers: 1) The customer MUST provide valid contact information such as valid and working phone number and address at the time the order is placed. 2) The customer MUST be present at the time of delivery 3) The freight carrier will call ahead of time to schedule a delivery appointment Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm. 4) If a shipment or delivery is designated as curbside it is the customer's responsibility to transfer the delivery from the curb to their desired location. 5) Any special requests or instructions from the customer of the carrier may result in additional fees - these include but are not limited to: in-house delivery, in-garage delivery, product setup, debris removal, weekend delivery, outside business hours delivery, hold a shipment, which requires warehousing and so forth. 6) If the customer refuses a delivery due to damage the customer MUST contact us immediately. 7) If the customer refuses a freight delivery for no apparent or justified reason which includes but is not limited to: buyer's remorse (change of heart), unavailability (not answering calls or emails in a timely manner), expected service which is not designated on the product description and so forth - the customer will sustain return freight charges and restocking fees ranging from 20-50% depending on the condition of the item/s returned.